TUFF Tape 10M Extra-Wide Roll

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STORMSURE self-adhesive TUFF Tape is perfect to cover punctures, and tears on generally flat surfaces such as tents, awnings, inflatables, bivvies, marquees, ripped fabrics, waterproof clothing and many more.

This TUFF Tape is unlike most other tapes, perfect for fast and long-lasting repairs due to being highly multi-purpose, almost impossible to tear, nearly invisible when applied over colours and comfortable against the skin.

We advise every outdoor enthusiast to keep TUFF Tape handy on camping, hiking or water sports trips. Also sticks well to wood, nearly all plastics, most natural and man-made fabrics, PVC, PU, Leather, glass, metal, painted surfaces, rubber, laminates and many more.

Buy a STORMSURE Tuff Tape repair now for when you need it later!

1x TUFF Tape Roll (10m x 150mm)

    Directions for Easy Instant Repairs
    Lay your surface flat, clean the area and ensure it’s dry. Apply a Tuff Tape patch or strip directly to the damaged area, rub firmly until there are no air bubbles under the patch. Quick Tip, if you’re repairing in cold weather after rubbing heat the patch slightly with a hair dryer just until it’s warm and then rub it smooth again. After 10 minutes the patch will start to cure and your repair will be usable, after 24 hours the patch will gain maximum bond to the surface.

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