Stormsure Zipper Oil

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Prevent your zippers from getting stiff and stuck with Stormsure Zip Oil. This lubricant enables you to make a smooth sliding of any type of zip and creates a protective treatment against the elements making it ideal for zipper metal closures.

Typically applied on metal or plastic zipper of your bags, pants, jeans, tents, sleeping bag, dress, footwear, purse, luggage zips, and much more. Also suitable for use where salt water gets in touch with zippers like wetsuit and scuba diving gear.

Buy STORMSURE Zip Oil for a smooth and trouble-free operation on all zippers without pulling hard.


  • Protect all types of zippers against corrosion, binding, and friction.
  • Reduces wear and repel saltwater deposits on wetsuit and scuba diving gear.
  • Food grade, odourless and taste free lubricant.
  • Content:
    30ml bottle STORMSURE Zip Oil 

Squeeze and apply the Stormsure Zip Oil along the zipper, the precision nozzle will allow you easily do it. Run the zipper back and forth until it moves smoothly, otherwise adds more zip oil.

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