Stormsure Trainer Repair Kit

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STORMSURE Trainer repair kit is an all-in-one pack containing carefully selected contents that enable you to easily make reliable and long lasting repairs to your athletic footwear such as running/walking shoes, barefoot, minimalist shoes, and trail shoes, golf shoes, cross trainers, court shoes, cleats/studs, hiking shoes, boots, and many other footwear.

This repair kit adheres to mend and combine joints with all types of footwear materials such as leather, artificial leather, various kind of rubber, coated fabric and most plastic (polyurethane, polyvinyl chloride, nylon, etc), felt, and wood.

Containing everything you need to perform a successful repair, STORMSURE repair kits are easy to use with easy to follow instructions.


  • Fixes all trainers, shoes, boots that are worn or damaged.
  • Flexible adhesives that are durable and waterproof.
  • Full colour printed instructions to help anyone from novice to expert.
  • Disposable gloves are included to keep your hands clean during the repair.
  • Great for the environment, repairing instead of replacing reduces landfill and waste.
1x 12g Stormsure Trainer Adhesive Glue
1x 15g Stormsure White Adhesive Glue
1x Glue Spatula
1x Disposable Gloves
1x Instructions

    Clean the damaged area to remove dirt and grease (sandpaper the surface for the best adhesion) and apply a generous amount of Stormsure Flexible Repair Adhesive to the damaged area, with at least a 5mm excess around the damaged area. Leave horizontal and allow to cure for 10-12 hours.

    In case of two components have come apart (such as loose soles), apply glue to both sides and keep pressed together until cured.

    Ensure there is no air left in the tube before replacing the cap. Store partly used tubes in a freezer. Warm up to room temperature before use again to alter its viscosity.

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