Stormoprene Contact Adhesive 90g

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Stormoprene Contact Adhesive by Stormsure is great for replacing drysuit rubber latex seals and felt wader soles.  Suitable to use on many other waterproof and airtight materials.

Fixes inflatable boats, pools, liners, wetsuits, waders, loose soles in footwear, boots, etc. It can also be used on many other materials, such as leather, wood, PVC, and Polyurethane.

STORAGE: Ensure there is no air left in the tube before replacing the cap. Store partly used tubes in a freezer. Warm up to room temperature before use again to alter its viscosity.

1x Stormoprene Contact Adhesive 90g


  1. CLEANING: Clean the area and ensure it’s dry and free from dust. Sandpaper provides an excellent result to clean the area.
  2. APPLYING: Spread an even coat of the contact adhesive to both surfaces with a brush. Allow the adhesive to dry for 5-15 minutes or until it is dry to touch.
  3. BONDING: Bring the two surfaces together using as much pressure as possible using by hand roller or pinching. This is to prevent air entrapment. Components may be handled within minutes of being bonded.

NOTE: Applying two thin coats of adhesive is preferable to ensure maximum adhesion. Leave the first coat to dry for approximately 20-30 minutes before applying the final coat. Allow the final coat to dry for 5 to 15 minutes.

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