PVC & Vinyl Repair Kit

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STORMSURE’s PVC and Vinyl Repair Kit is an all-in-one pack containing carefully selected contents that enable you to easily make reliable and long lasting repairs to your bounce house, jumping castle, waterslides, inflatable spas, air beds, hot tubs, pool lilos, rafts and many other waterproof and airtight materials.

The PVC glue is great for sticking PVC patches onto a PVC substrate. Also used for a host of other jobs as it contains both a solvent and polyurethane pre-polymers to bond PVC pieces together while the patches are made from high-quality and flame-resistant material that is tear-proof and mould resistant.

Buy STORMSURE PVC & Vinyl Repair Kit now and patch any holes or leaks when you need it!


  • Flexible adhesive that sticks together and repairs PVC & Vinyl.
  • The adhesive contains both solvent and polyurethane pre-polymers to bond PVC & Vinyl pieces together.
  • Suitable to use on many other waterproof and airtight materials.
  • High-quality, tear-proof, and mould resistant vinyl patches
  • Great for the environment, repairing instead of replacing reduces landfill and waste.
  • Content:
    3x 5g STORMSURE PVC repair adhesive
    3x 130mm x 80mm vinyl patches


  1. Clean the damaged area to remove dirt and apply Stormsure PVC repair adhesive directly on to it, leaving a 5mm excess overlapping around. Leave flat and allow to cure for 10-12 hours.
  2. Exhaust the air from the inflatable product fully, clean the air leakage (damaged) area completely and remove all dirt. Sandpaper is if possible.
  3. Take out the repair patch, pay attention that the patch should be a few centimeters larger than the damaged area. Cut rounded corners on the patch because sharp corners are more likely to catch and peel.
  4. Apply a layer of PVC repair glue on the damaged area and the repair patch evenly.
  5. While the glue is still wet apply the repair patch with the glue side to the damaged area. Press firmly to ensure good contact. Ensure the patch is kept pressed onto the damaged area while the glue cures. (Use a weight if necessary).
  6. Apply a little glue around the edges of the repair patch after 12 hours (not always necessary).
  7. The repair is complete after 24 hours. Now you can re-inflate the item.

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