Pocket Puncture Repair Kit

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STORMSURE Pocket Puncture Repair Kit is perfect to make easy and reliable repairs covering pinhole and puncture leaks on cycle tire tubes, waterproof clothing, inflatable toys, and more. Consists of 12 circular self-adhesive patches that work very well on smooth surfaces.

Containing everything you need to perform a successful repair, STORMSURE repair kits are easy to use with easy to follow instructions.

Buy a STORMSURE Pocket Puncture repair kit now for when you need it later!

12x Small Circular Adhesive Patches
Abrasive scuffer

Directions for Easy Instant Repairs
Lay your surface flat, clean the area and ensure it’s dry. Apply a patch directly to the damaged area, rub firmly until there are no air bubbles under the patch.

Quick Tip, if you’re repairing in cold weather after rubbing the patch heat slightly with a hair dryer just until it’s warm and then rub it smooth again. After 10 minutes the patch will start to cure and your repair will be usable, after 24 hours the patch will gain maximum bond to the surface.

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