Heat Seal Tape

Size: 1M
Width: 22mm
Colour: Grey
Sale price$14.00
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Our premium Heat Seal Tape comes with thermo adhesive backing, made from high quality Nylon ensuring a comfortable feel when used inside Wetsuits, Drysuits, Jackets, Pants and other rain wear.

Easy Application Directions:
1) Position over your Stitched or Glued seam.
2) With a hot Iron briefly touch the top or end 3cm to 'tack' it in to position.
3) Check you are happy with the position of your tape.
4) Run iron over the remaining tape.
5) Leave to cool.

Note: Whilst the bond is instant, it continues to grow in strength over the following 24 hours.  You can use your repaired item immediately, however it will have achieved maximum bond after 24 hours.


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